Our Culture

As a member of the North Shore Healthcare family, our center’s dedicated healthcare professionals strive to deliver quality care to those who have chosen us. Monroe Health Services’ goal is to create an environment that affords our residents the opportunity to be a partner in the care they receive, to develop trusting relationships with our caregivers, and to reach their highest level of independence. We are passionate about making our center The Right Choice for you or your loved one.

Monroe Health Services has been serving Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois since 1965. Our center, nestled in a quiet, residential neighborhood, is conveniently located near a dialysis center and the Monroe Clinic Hospital. We are proud members of the Monroe Chamber of Commerce, Green County Caregiver Coalition, Monroe Clinic Advisory Board and Green County Alzheimer’s Walk Committee.

Monroe Health Services is dedicated to providing quality patient care and superior customer service. In a recent customer satisfaction survey, our residents were 100% satisfied with our overall care quality and quality of nursing care. We are also proud to be on the U.S. News & World Report Best Nursing Home list for 2018.

Leadership Team

Admissions–Kelly Severson

“Throughout the past 23 years, I have been blessed to meet the most amazing people—from residents, family, co-workers and community members. It’s a joy to continue to serve and work beside all of them.”

Business Office Manager–Tammy Blumer

“I enjoy see new residents admit thinking this is going to be a horrible experience and then, through the care we give, they are smiling and participating in therapy realizing they will be going home soon. On day of discharge, they are recommending our facility saying it is the place to come.”


“When I came to Monroe Manor, I was a little more than an oversized, scared child. Truly, I don’t remember much of my first day – except the fear. By the next day, I’d relaxed and actually began to enjoy my stay. Every day I relished the laughter in the halls and the family-like bantering that went on between the staff and residents. As with the care, I never felt embarrassed by the sometimes awkward situations I was presented with. Everyone was as gentle as could be with my battered hip. So, to all that eased my pain, washed my hair, brought my meals, changed my dressing, pushed me to exercise, and listened to my tears – Thank You.”

– Ann, patient

“I found Monroe Manor to have such a positive atmosphere during my stay and find the rehab center to be a convenient location to continue my outpatient therapy services.”

– Karl Stein, rehab graduate

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